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jueves, 28 de marzo de 2019


Last Friday 22nd and Tuesday 26th March a group of 14 students along with two teachrsfrom Twynham School , Chistchurch, Dorset (England) visited our school in a, as our princial calls it, express exchange. They were willing to visit a Spanish Secondary School in order to see how it works, the way we organize or timetables and the subjects our students learn. They were shown around the school by the Head of the English Department, Emilio Benítez and then, some of the students in 4º C nd d and 1º Bachillerato B told them about our city, region, culture and were given some tips so that they could get the most of their stay in Seville. finally, they were offered a typical Andalousian breakfast. On Tuesday they had the opportunity to attend a few lessons. Both our students and the English students got along from the very beginning and we hope this will be the first step to take part in an exchange in a very near future. Thanks for visiting us!!!

jueves, 21 de febrero de 2019


Last week our students of 1º ESO B and 2º eso A,B C and D took part in a few activities organized to celebrate St Valentine's Day. Love poems, Love quotes
Acrostics, Shakespeare's famous couples, funny love letters....have a look and enjoy!

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2019


I had a very funny English class last Monday when Burlington Books came to our school to give us a conference about the British culture. Veronica,who was in charge of the talk,started with the different flags of the UK and the Royal family 👑.One of her strengths was when she spoke about Prince Harry’s baldness,it was hilarious and everyone was almost crying with laughter.She also spoke about different typical things all around the UK such as kilt,clovers or typical foods.She asked questions about what she was speaking about and if they were correct they were given and unique and amazing Burlington Books limited edition pen. Being able to participate made us being interested on the theme, and try asking the question even if we didn't know what the answer was. I would recommend this conference to anyone, it is a good experience and enjoyable English class from time to time which also let you knowing about the UK culture . LUCÍA PÉREZ GUTIÉRREZ (4 ESO D)


Last Monday 4th February Burlington books offered us a culture class which was given by an English-speaking trainer.Our students of 4th ESO and 1st Bachillerato had the opportunity to learn about several aspects of British culture such as Food &Drink, the Royal Family, etc.You can read a review written by one of the students who attended such an interesting class.